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GEOMETRY FUNDAMENTALS - UNIT 11 Essays - Geometry, Quadrilaterals

GEOMETRY FUNDAMENTALS - UNIT 11 Survey Harmonious TRIANGLES AND QUADRILATERALS Height of a triangleA section from a vertex opposite to the inverse side.Congruent trianglesTwo triangles in which the six pieces of one are equivalent to the relating six pieces of the other.Included angleThe point framed by different sides of a triangle. The point is between, and shaped by, the two sides.Included sideThe side of a triangle that is the normal side of two edges. The side is between the two angles.Isosceles trapezoidA trapezoid with legs of the equivalent length.Isosceles triangleA triangle with in any event different sides equal.Median of a trapezoidThe section interfacing the midpoint of the legs.Median of a triangleA fragment from a vertex to the midpoint of the inverse side.ParallelogramA quadrilateral with the two sets of inverse sides parallel.RectangleA parallelogram with four right angles.RhombusA parallelogram with all sides equal.SquareA square shape with all sides equal.TrapezoidA quadrilateral with precisely one sets of sides equal. P11SSS:If three sides of one triangle are equivalent to three sides of another triangle, at that point the triangles are congruent.P12SAS:If different sides and the included edge of one triangle are equivalent to different sides and the included edge of another triangle, at that point the triangles are congruent.P13ASA:If two edges and the included side of one triangle are equivalent to two edges and the included side of another triangle, at that point the triangles are congruent.P14HL:If the hypotenuse and a leg of one right triangle are equivalent to the hypotenuse and leg of another correct triangle, at that point the triangles are harmonious. Hypothesis 4-14, included among the accompanying hypotheses, is the hypothesis that permits triangle hypothesizes and hypotheses to be applied to parallelograms. Be certain you can demonstrate every hypothesis checked on. 4-1If two points and a not-included side of one triangle are equivalent to the relating portions of another triangle, at that point the triangles are consistent. (AAS)4-2:If two legs of one right triangle are equivalent to two legs of another correct triangle, at that point the triangles are consistent. (LL)4-3:If the hypotenuse and an intense edge of one right triangle are equivalent to the hypotenuse and an intense edge of another correct triangle, at that point the triangles are consistent. (HA)4-4:If a leg and an intense point of one right triangle are equivalent to a leg and an intense edge of another correct triangle, at that point the triangles are harmonious. (LA)4-5:The elevation to the base of an isosceles triangle cuts up the base.4-6:The base edges of isosceles triangles are equal.4-7:The height to the base of an isosceles triangle separates the vertex point of the triangle.4-8:If two edges of a triangle are equivalent, at that point the sides inverse them are equal.4-9:I f different sides of a triangle are not equivalent, at that point the edge inverse the more extended side is the bigger angle.4-10:If two edges of a triangle are not equivalent, at that point the side inverse the bigger edge is the more drawn out side.4-11:The whole of the lengths of any different sides of a triangle is more noteworthy than the length of the third side.4-12:If different sides of one triangle are equivalent to different sides of another triangle however the included edge of the first is bigger than the included edge of the second, at that point the third side of the primary triangle is longer than the third side of the second triangle.4-13:If different sides of one triangle are equivalent to different sides of another triangle yet the third side of the main triangle is longer than the third side of the subsequent triangle, at that point the included edge of the first is bigger than the included edge of the second.MORE THEOREMS4-14:If a corner to corner is attracted a parallelogram, at that point two harmonious triangles are formed.Corollary 1:Opposite edges of a parallelogram are equalCorollary 2:Opposite sides of a parallelogram are equal.Corollary 3:Two equal lines are equidistant separated throughout.4-15:The diagonals of a parallelogram cut up each other.4-16:If different sides of a quadrilateral are equivalent and equal, at that point the quadrilateral is a parallelogram.4-17:If the two sets of inverse sides of a quadrilateral are equivalent, at that point the quadrilateral is a parallelogram.4-18:If the diagonals of a quadrilateral divide one another, at that point the quadrilateral is a parallelogram.4-19:If the midpoints of different sides of a triangle are associated, the portion is corresponding to the third side and measures a large portion of the length of the third side4-20:The diagonals of a square shape are equal.4-21:The diagonals of a

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Why Waking Up at 5 AM Every Day Just Makes Sense

Why Waking Up at 5 AM Every Day Just Makes Sense Waking up early might be either a good or bad thing depending on your sleep pattern and your daily priorities.Sometimes, it can be really frustrating to wake up an hour or two before the alarm goes off, especially after you worked yourself to the bone all night.What’s even more frustrating at times is that after you wake up, you can’t get back to sleep no matter how much you want to.If you’re the kind of person who pushes paper all day and has very little room for rest, this might not be the article for you.However, you will find that most of the world’s successful, hardworking and unique individuals wake up earlier than the rest of the common folk and have a set routine for the morning. Some of those famous individuals include;Apple CEO Tim Cook gets up at around 3:45 am.Vogue editor Anna Wintour gets out of her bed at 5:45 in the morning to play tennis.Virgin Group founder Richard Branson 5:45 am.Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz 4:30 am.The reason why this is the case is so t hat you can get a headstart in the morning and be more productive. By adopting this attitude, you’ll be one step closer to being like one of the most popular and successful folks on earth.It’s all about the sense of control and the heightened willpower you obtain from defeating the inner voice that wants you to get back to bed.Here are some of the reasons why getting up at 5 am could be the best thing to get the most out of your day:1.  ITS THE BEST TIME FOR WORKYou may have noticed how often you, as well as several other workers, check their media devices during office hours and that happens more often than you’d think. It is quite a major distraction and while you may pledge to put it away (some people actually do), it becomes very challenging to do so due to the depth of your urgent responsibilities.This is especially true when you need to check up on your kids if they’ve gotten back from school safely or are not sick. It’s also common to constantly check your email or Slack in order to reply to important messages.Thankfully, those messages and distractions won’t be a bother to you at 5 in the morning. It is literally the best time you can actually have to focus solely on work without having anything else get in the way.You’ll soon realize how much you can accomplish in three hours from then before you get to your office.2.  YOU HAVE MORE TIME TO YOURSELFReserving nighttime for work can be quite distracting due to friends and family members coming home for a visit, your favorite sports game is one and what’s worse is that you’ve been drained from your day.Therefore shifting your personal time for the mornings can give you a chance on all of the favorite things you want to do. It becomes easier for you to do exercise, practice some dancing, read up on some books and catch up on the latest news among so many other things. The best in all of this is that there are no distractions, so you can lounge around however you want.Many of the successf ul early wakers found that doing this leaves them energized for the whole day. They become much more focused on the tasks at hand and become less anxious about their responsibilities.People who don’t do this usually go to work in a rush and are left without having any time to think about what they want to accomplish.Hence, transitioning to mornings reportedly yields more productive results and less anxiety.3.  YOU BUILD DISCIPLINEWhen we normally get up in the morning, with the covers on our face and the alarm ringing at the side of our bed, the little voice in our head saying I’m exhausted.You won’t get used to getting up early with a habit like that. Therefore, you’ve got to reform your habit and the way to do that is by building discipline.This means you’ve got to cultivate this habit into your routine by pretty much forcing yourself out of bed when the 5 am alarm goes off. It won’t just give you enough time to prepare yourself for the morning, but also for life itsel f.If you’re one of those hardwired night owls, you can catch up on as much sleep as you want. But if you haven’t found that stride yet, then perhaps waking up early is the best time for you to hit that peak in productivity. And early doesn’t really mean 5 am, just earlier than when you usually get up.4.  YOU HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE When you’re an early bird, you just enough time to lose some of those unhealthy calories you’ve been putting on. That means you can no longer make any excuses about full schedules or over-demanding office clients and all that. Three hours is plenty enough time for at least a 30-minute brisk walk.It’s up to you and what kind of weight-reducing activity suits you best, be it lifting weights, doing push-ups, cycling or even practicing yoga or tai chi.5.  YOU GET HUNGRIER ALL DAYBecause you wake up early and the fact that you commit yourself to an hour’s worth of exercise, you may feel hungrier for an entire day. So long as the post-exercise enzym es in your stomach are active, you can eat a hearty meal as the digestive process moves your food along quicker.6.  START YOUR DAY WITHOUT FEELING RUSHED We’re pretty sure you’ve had your moments about waking up later than when you were supposed to and then realized that you overslept. This gives you a shot of adrenaline as you quickly go to the shower, make breakfast and make a beeline for your office.Starting your day while feeling rushed is not the right way as you come into the office looking less organized and aware of your daily responsibilities. That’s why getting up early should be part of your everyday habit.It’s okay to be late once in a while, but if this happens constantly, then you need to fix this. It’s the kind of habit that does not fit in well with your boss, friends, and loved ones.7.  YOULL RELISH THE SILENCEWaking up early presents one of the greatest benefits of a hard-working individual like yourself silence. That’s right! Not waking up to kids scr eaming, crying babies, car honking, lawn mower, leaf blower or even television noises is truly the best experience you could wish for.And since you can’t hear anything but a pin drop, you can use this opportunity to take care of any important task you have pending for the office or for the house.As a matter of fact, former general manager of Microsoft, Jeremy Krost, wakes up at 3.30-4 am for two reasons: quiet time and clarity of thought. As the once wise Blaise Pascal used to say, “the sole cause of mans unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.”This couldn’t be any truer and once you have developed your new morning habits, you will grow to appreciate peace and happiness in the morning hours.8.  LESS TIME WASTED AT NIGHTS AND WEEKENDSWaking up early can make you less inclined to late-night activities, parties or gaming.The reason why that’s a good thing is that it saves you up on much-needed energy for the morning and you won’t end up feeling tired or unprepared for the office, which is also a plus for your health. You also become less inclined to go out on weekends, which allows you to donate more time to your family and relatives for instance.As such, you end up wasting less time during the weekends and nights as well. Going over the clock means that your productivity levels take a nosedive.9.  SAVE TIME AND ENERGY ON COMMUTINGRush-hour traffic can be a real problem if you go to your office like you do every morning. Fortunately, waking up early can easily quell this problem. Taking an earlier bus or train is suitable since it is less busy.It’s more pleasant to travel and you can get to work faster and earlier just to tackle some leftover assignments. If you have a personal commute, you can reduce heavy gridlocks and lower your journey time significantly.10.  YOU SLEEP BETTER It turns out that waking up early allows us to get to bed earlier at night. Because of this, we are able to sleep quicker and easier. This is quite beneficial since office workers no longer feel the need to work right before bed.It’s relatively tougher to sleep after grinding through all that paperwork and emails. But waking up at 5:00 am makes it easier to wind down. Sometimes you may get fewer hours of sleep but you feel better because of the deeper sleep. And using sleep-inducing apps and gadgets makes the experience much better.Another additional advantage is that you may not experience anxiety about the things that you want to do for the next day. The decreased levels of stress can also lead to higher levels of satisfaction.So simply put, getting up early allows you to take care of extra work, get some exercise, save up time and energy on your commute, and lounge however you want. It is by far the most productive and energetic part of your day that you can’t hope to miss out on.Most of the time, evenings are rarely considered the most productive, even for night owls. Many folks spend their evening mindlessly watc hing TV, wondering what kind of drink to have or just doing other stuff around the house. This is obvious as we spend most of our energy for the whole day.Waking up early allows you to structure your day around the peaks of energy. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your new wake up time has to be 5 am automatically, not if you’re a 7:30-8:00 am regular. That’s because getting rid of 2-3 hours of sleep overnight is setting yourself up for failure.HOW TO BE AN EARLY RISERIn order to wake up early at 5:00 am, you’ve got to condition your body by hammering down a few new habits if you want to get there, such as:Establish a Night Time RoutineGetting your body to wake up early requires a good plan. You can’t just automatically make yourself get up at 5 am, especially if your usual wake up time is 7 am.One of the ways to prep your body to wake at 5 in the morning is to start winding down earlier than you normally do. Create a proper night routine that you can stick to every night.P lease note that waking up early is going to be hard and you will find yourself making plenty of excuses to get more sleep. You have to minimize these negative effects by planning ahead with the following:Keep a book or a journal in placeKeep your gym clothes or running shoes laid outEnsure your coffee or energy supplement is ready to goKeep your phone or alarm clock in a position where you can hear it and get out of bed immediately without knocking it down or hitting the snooze button and falling over.Switch Off Your Digital DevicesBe sure to keep your digital devices away for the last 30-60 minutes of the day before going to sleep. Every hour that you’re exposed to your phone or tablet’s blue light, the melatonin production in your brain stops, which is the key hormone for sleep.Focus on BreathingSome of the biggest sleep preventers are your negative mood swings such as anger or frustration, especially after you’ve had a long day. To get around this, focus on your breathing p atterns to change your physiology so that you can get to bed with a relaxed mind instead of always thinking about your problems.Visualize Your Way to Sleep Several studies show that when Olympic athletes visualize for an hour, it’s equal to seven hours of physical practice. So before going to bed, it is imperative that you put your electronic devices away and devote 5-10 minutes using various visualization techniques.Tire Yourself to BedIf you want to go to bed earlier but aren’t tired, then make yourself tired by reading a book or listening to a podcast.Open Curtains Before Going to BedBefore going to bed, it is important to open your curtains so that you can be exposed to the first rays of the sun in the morning. This contains a range of benefits such as promote calcium absorption, empower immunity and strengthen bones.CONCLUSIONSo now you see how productive and efficient your day can become by waking up early in the morning. It’s worth noting that waking up at 5 in the morn ing is a bad idea only if you’re trying it out and don’t have any plans for the wee hours.You don’t need to wait until 2019 to create a resolution plan to wake up early since most resolutions fail anyway. Instead, you should try making the habit of getting up early into a ritual for December.That’s because the holidays are usually the time when you eat and drink more.But be sure to keep those calories in check by waking up early and going to the gym. It may be a hard journey, but it will be worth it in the end.

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The Military Crisis Of The Roman Empire - 1125 Words

Before the military crisis of the Third Century of the Roman Empire, the armies were under proper recruitment, training and deployment. They even had armories different from the rest. The Roman army was divided into two groups with various functions, which had the overall element of defense. Frontier troops were in charge of the borders, while the mobile field forces were overseeing towns and cities. Frontier troops fought against weak threats like raiding along the border and prevented major attacks while buying time for the intervention of mobile field forces. The mobile field forces responded and stopped the invaders trying to enter the Roman territory. The Roman Empire was a stable state that ran for almost 500 years as a superpower. Historians tell of various reasons that led to the crumbling and collapse of the empire. Some of them are: a. Barbarian Tribes Invasions. For a long time, Rome had conflicts with Germanic tribes such as the Goths. The Romans had overcome several German uprisings, and then later the threat and fear was gone. The military loss to the outside forces was one of the straightforward theories. b. Economic Troubles and Slave Labor. Internal forces such as a financial crisis also had a position to play in the breakdown of the state. The empire battled constant wars that resulted in overspending; in exchange, the government exercised cruel taxation resulting in inflation. Rome also depended on slaves as their workforce in tilling its fields andShow MoreRelatedEssay on His 112/ the Crisis of the Third Century1314 Words   |  6 PagesThe Crisis of the Third Century His/112 September 2 2011 The Crisis of the Third Century The Crisis of the Third Century was the era in which the Roman Empire almost collapsed under the many myriad of pressures including economic depression, civil war, plague and invasion. Because war was expensive, the Roman Empire had to increase taxes and this caused for many of the Romans to be upset and for the economy to be in a crisis. RevoltsRead MoreThe Crisis of the Third Century741 Words   |  3 PagesThe crisis of the third century tumbled to diverse striking or indigenous social orders in Migration period. The crisis of the third century might finally instant the fall of Rome. There are various dissimilar reasons that the crisis of the third century in the end incited the fall of Rome. The three reasons that will be examined are social, economic, and political developments. These are all related in numerous diverse ways. The Empire is analyzed as a social entire a social whole had begun criticalRead MoreThe Roman And Roman Empire1068 Words   |  5 PagesThe Roman Empire, which was centered in the city of Rome, was the most extensive western civilization of ancient times. With its major advancements and prosperity it is hard to believe that the Roman Empire suddenly collapsed and fell into a time known as the Dark Ages. After a period of struggles for the Roman Empire, the empire gradually fell. Rome was the most successful civilization of its time. Its strategic location in the center of the Italian Peninsula and the fertile plains that supportedRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1404 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fall of Rome The Fall of the Roman Empire, one of the greatest empires that human civilization has ever encountered, is viciously debated today among scholars all over the world. No one theory is the absolute truth as there are many fatal factors and mistakes that forged the collapse of this supreme civilization. Problems ranging from political instability, to different economic predicaments, to barbaric invasions, to imperialistic ideologies, the empire just became too complex for its own goodRead MoreRoman Empire1506 Words   |  7 Pages  The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors, and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The 500 year old republic which preceded it was severely destabilized in a series of civil wars and political conflict, during which Julius Caesar was appointed as perpetual dictator and then assassinated in 44 BC. Civil wars and executio ns continued, culminating in the victoryRead MoreRome in the 3rd Century AD1216 Words   |  5 Pages Rome in the 3rd century AD was a â€Å"nation† in crisis. During this period we see a shift from the old, Italian dominated, ancient ways of antiquity into a new, more modern commonwealth where a vast number of its peoples were considered citizens, and could even aspire into prominent positions that were once reserved to leading Roman families. Initially, some of the changes that came to the Roman Empire sound good; indeed, I’m sure many Romans sometimes felt that way. However, when looking at theRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1438 Words   |  6 PagesThe Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in the history of mankind. In 476 CE Odoacer defeated Romulus Augustus to capture Rome; most historians agree that this was the official end of the Western Roman Empire. There is much debate on how exactly Rome declined and eventually fell. The fall of Rome was a long process that took place over many centuries. There are five main schools of thought on why Ro me fell. First, Christianity, offered by Edward Gibbons; He suggests that ChristianityRead MoreMain Causes And Consequences Of The Abyssinian Crisis Of 19351214 Words   |  5 PagesThe Abyssinian Crisis of 1935, which was precipitated by Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy (who ruled from 1922-1943). The Abyssinian Crisis played an important role in creating a bridge between the Wall St Crash and World War Two. Three of the main causes of the Abyssinian crisis were (as mentioned before) the Wall St Crash of 1929, Italy losing the Battle of Adwa 1896 and Mussolinis wish to rebuild a modern Roman Empire. These causes all created short term and long term consequencesRead MoreThe Rise Of The Roman Empire973 Words   |  4 Pagessee how empires grew and became successful. Many empires were so successful because of their leaders and their philosophies. Empires often had good runs and would be running successful until a stronger and more powerful empire would bring them down . One empire that was known as the most advanced both socially and politically in the western civilization was the Roman Empire. At about 285 CE the empire was so greatly advanced that the Roman central government could no longer rule the empire on its ownRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1316 Words   |  6 Pagescivilization, the Roman Empire was a powerful governing build. Political, economic and social entities advocated for the success of the empire. However, the question still remains, how was it possible that the very things that once made the empire great could be the sole reasons for its decline? There are substantial reasons as to why the empire fell. Constant occurrences in succession from another—whether internal or external—led to the fall rather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination

Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Chapter 26 Free Essays

string(127) " incredibly crude next to the elegant organic design of the whale ship, the whaley boys, and, for that matter, the human crew\." CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX Picking the Lock to Davy Jones’s Locker † ‘Bite me’?† Libby Quinn said, reading the tail. The whale tail slowly twisted in space, pixel by pixel, as the computer extrapolated the new angle. Margaret Painborne sat at the computer. We will write a custom essay sample on Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Chapter 26 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Clay and Libby stood behind her. Kona was working across the room on Quinn’s reassembled machine. † ‘Bite me’?† Clay repeated. â€Å"That can’t be right.† He thought about what Nate had said about seeing a tail just like this and shivered. Margaret hit a few keys on the keyboard, then swiveled in Clay’s chair. â€Å"This some kind of joke, Clay?† â€Å"Not mine. That was raw footage, Margaret.† As attractive as Clay found Libby, he found Margaret equally scary. Maybe the latter because of the former. It was complex. â€Å"The tail image before you shifted it is exactly what I saw when I was down there.† â€Å"You’ve all been saying how sophisticated their communication ability was,† said Kona, trying to sound scientific but essentially just pissing everyone off. â€Å"How?† said Libby. â€Å"Even if you wanted to, how would you paint a whale’s flukes like that?† Margaret and Clay just shook their heads. â€Å"Rust-Oleum,† suggested Kona, and they all turned and glared at him. â€Å"Don’t give me the stink-eye. You’d need the waterproof, huh?† â€Å"Did you finish inputting those pages?† Clay said. â€Å"Yah, mon.† â€Å"Well, save them and go rake something or mow something or something.† â€Å"Save as a binary,† Margaret added quickly, but Kona had already saved the file, and the screen was clear. Margaret wheeled her chair across the office, her gray hair trailing out behind her like the Flying Sorceress of Clerical Island. She pushed Kona aside. â€Å"Crap,† she said. â€Å"What?† asked Clay. â€Å"What?† asked Libby. â€Å"You said save it,† Kona said. â€Å"He saved it as an ASCII file, a text file, not a binary. Crap. I’ll see if it’s okay.† She opened the file, and text appeared on the screen. Her hand went to her mouth, and she sat back slowly in Clay’s chair. â€Å"Oh, my God.† â€Å"What?† came the chorus. â€Å"Are you sure you put this in, just as it came off the graphs?† she asked Kona without looking at him. â€Å"Truth,† said Kona. â€Å"What?† said Libby and Clay. â€Å"This has got to be some sort of joke,† said Margaret. Clay and Libby ran across the room to look at the screen. â€Å"What!† â€Å"It’s English,† Margaret said, pointing to the text. â€Å"How is that possible?† â€Å"That’s not possible,† Libby said. â€Å"Kona, what did you do?† â€Å"Not me, I just typed ones and ohs.† Margaret grabbed one of the legal pages with the ones and ohs and began typing the numbers into a new file. When she had three lines, she saved it, then reopened the file as text. It read, WILL SCUTTLE SECOND BOAT TO__ â€Å"It can’t be.† â€Å"It is.† Clay jumped into Margaret’s lap and started scrolling through the text from Kona’s transcription. â€Å"Look, it goes on for a while, then it’s just gobbledygook, then it goes on some more.† Margaret looked back at Libby with Save me in her eyes. â€Å"There is no way that the song is carrying a message in English. Binary was a stretch, but I refuse to believe that humpbacks are using ASCII and English to communicate.† Libby looked over to Kona. â€Å"You guys took these off of Nate’s tapes, exactly the way you showed me?† Kona nodded. â€Å"Kids, look at this,† Clay said. â€Å"These are all progress reports. Longitude and latitude, times, dates. There are instructions here to sink my boat. These fuckers sank my boat?† â€Å"What fuckers?† Margaret said. â€Å"A humpback with ‘Bite me’ on his flukes?† She was trying to look around Clay’s broad back. â€Å"If this were possible, then the navy would have been using it a long time ago.† Now Clay jumped up to face Kona. â€Å"What tape is this last part from?† â€Å"The last one Nate and Amy made, the day Nate drown. Why?† Clay sat back on Margaret’s lap, looking stunned. He pointed to a line of text on the screen. They all leaned in to read: QUINN ON BOARD__WILL RENDEZVOUS WITH BLUE-6__AGREED COORDINATES__1600 TUESDAY__NO PASTRAMI â€Å"The sandwich,† Clay said ominously. Just then Clair, home from school, stepped into the office to discover an impromptu dog pile of action nerds in front of Quinn’s computer. â€Å"All you bastards want to be part of a sandwich, and you don’t even know what to do with one woman.† â€Å"Not the spoon!† squealed Kona, his hand going to the goose egg on his forehead. Nathan Quinn awoke feeling as if he needed to crawl out of his skin. If he hadn’t felt it before, he would have thought he had the generic heebie-jeebies (scientifically speaking), but he recognized the feeling as being hit with heavy subsonic sound waves. The blue-whale ship was calling. Just because it was below the frequency of his hearing didn’t mean it wasn’t loud. Blue-whale calls could travel ten thousand miles, he assumed that the ship was putting out similar sounds. Nate slipped out of his bunk and nearly fell reaching for his shirt. Another thing he hadn’t noticed immediately – the ship wasn’t moving, and he still had his sea legs on. He dressed quickly and headed down the corridor to the bridge. There was a large console that spanned the area between the two whaley-boy pilots that hadn’t been there before. Unlike the rest of the ship, it appeared to be man-made, metal and plastic. Sonar scopes, computers, equipment that Quinn didn’t even recognize. Nuà ±ez and the blond woman, Jane, were standing at the sonar screens wearing headphones. Tim was seated beside one of the whaley boys at the center of the console in front of two monitors. Tim was wearing headphones and typing. The whaley boy appeared to be just watching. Nuà ±ez saw Nate come in, smiled, and motioned for him to come forward. These people were completely incompetent as captors, Nate thought. Not a measure of terror among them, the humans anyway. If not for the subsonic heebie-jeebies, he would have felt right at home. â€Å"Where did this come from?† The electronics looked incredibly crude next to the elegant organic design of the whale ship, the whaley boys, and, for that matter, the human crew. You read "Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Chapter 26" in category "Essay examples" The idea of comparing designs between human-built devices and biological systems hadn’t really occurred to Nate before because he’d been conditioned never to think of animals as designed. The whale ship was putting a deep dent in his Darwin. â€Å"These are our toys,† Nuà ±ez said. â€Å"The console stays below the floor unless we need to see it. Totally unnecessary for the whaley boys, since they have direct interface with the ship, but it makes us feel like we know what’s going on.† â€Å"And they can’t type for shit,† said Tim, tucking his thumbs under and making a slamming-the-keys gesture. â€Å"Tiny thumbs.† The whaley boy next to him trumpeted a raspberry all over Tim’s monitor, leaving large dots of color magnified in the whaley spit. He chirped twice, and Tim nodded and typed into the computer. â€Å"Can they read?† Nate asked. â€Å"Read, kind of write, and most of them understand at least two human languages, although, as you probably noticed, they’re not big talkers.† â€Å"No vocal cords,† said Nu;ez. â€Å"They have air chambers in their heads that produce the sounds they make, but they have a hard time forming the words.† â€Å"But they can talk. I’ve heard Em – I mean, them.† â€Å"Best that you just learn whaleyspeak. It’s basically what they use to talk to each other, except they keep it in the range of our hearing. It’s easier to learn if you’ve learned other tonal-sensitive languages like Navajo or Chinese.† â€Å"I’m afraid not,† Nate said. â€Å"So the ship is calling?† Tim pulled off his headphones and handed them to Nate. â€Å"The pitch is raised into our range. You’ll be able to hear it through there.† Nate held a headphone to one ear. Now that he could hear the signal, he could also feel it start and stop more acutely in his chest. If anything, it relieved the discomfort, because he could hear it coming. â€Å"Is this a message?† â€Å"Yep,† said Jane, pulling up a headphone. â€Å"Just as you suspected. We type it in, the computer puts the message into peaks and troughs on the waveform, we play the waveform for the whaley boys, and they make the whale sing that waveform. We’ve calibrated it over the years.† Nate noticed that the whaley boy at the metal console had one hand in an organic socket fitted into the front of the console – like a flesh cable that ran to the whale ship through the console’s base, similar to the ones on the flesh consoles the pilots used. â€Å"Why the computers and stuff at all if the whaley boys do it all by†¦ what? Instinct?† The whaley boy at the console grinned up at Nate, squeaked, then performed the international signal for a hand job. â€Å"It’s the only way we can be in the loop,† Jane said. â€Å"Believe me, for a long time we were just along for the ride. The whaley boys have the same navigational sense that the whales themselves do. We don’t understand it at all. It’s some sort of magnetic vocabulary. It wasn’t until the Dirts – that’s you – developed computers and we got some people who could run them that we became part of the process. Now we can surface and pull a GPS coordinate, transmit it, communicate with the other crews. We have some idea of what we’re doing.† â€Å"You said for a long time? How long?† Jane looked nervously at Nuà ±ez, who looked nervously back. Nate thought for a moment that they might have to dash off to the bathroom together, which in his experience was what women did right before they made any major decisions, like about which shoes to buy or whether or not they were ever going to sleep with him again. â€Å"A long time, Nate. We’re not sure how long. Before computers, okay?† By which she meant she wasn’t going to tell him and if he pressed it, she’d just lie to him. Nate suddenly felt more like a prisoner, and, as a prisoner, he felt as though his first obligation was to escape. He was sure that was your first obligation as a prisoner. He’d seen it in a movie. Although his earlier plan of leaping out the back orifice into the deep ocean now seemed a tad hasty, with some perspective. He said, â€Å"So how deep are we?† â€Å"We usually send at about two thousand feet. That puts us pretty squarely in the SOFAR channel, no matter where we are geographically.† The SOFAR channel (sound fixing and ranging) was a natural combination of pressure and temperature at certain depths that cause a path of least resistance in which sound could travel many thousands of miles. The theory had been that blues and humpbacks used it to communicate with each other over long distances for navigational purposes. Evidently whaley boys and the people who worked their ships did, too. â€Å"So does this signal replicate a natural blue-whale call?† â€Å"Yes,† said Tim. â€Å"That’s one of the advantages of communicating in English within the waveform. When the whaley boys were doing the direct communication, there was a lot more variation in the call, but our signal is hidden, more or less. Except for a few busybodies who may run across it.† â€Å"Like me?† â€Å"Yes, like you. We’re a little worried about some of the acoustic people at Woods Hole and Hatfield Marine Center in Oregon. People who spend way too much time looking at spectrograms of underwater sound.† â€Å"You realize,† said Nate, â€Å"that I might never have found out about your ships. I didn’t make any sort of intuitive leap to look at a binary signal in the call. It was a stoned kid who came up with that.† â€Å"Yeah,† said Jane. â€Å"If it makes you feel any better, you can blame him for your being here. We were on hold until you started to look in the signal for binary. That’s when they called you in, so to speak.† Nate sincerely wished he could blame Kona, but since it appeared that he might never see civilization again, having someone to blame didn’t seem particularly pertinent right now. Besides, the kid had been right. â€Å"How’d you know? I didn’t exactly put out a press release.† â€Å"We have ways,† said Nuà ±ez, trying not to sound spooky but failing. This evidently amused the whaley boy at the console and the two pilots no end, and they nearly wheezed themselves out of their seats. â€Å"Oh, fuck you guys,† said Nuà ±ez. â€Å"It’s not like you guys are a bunch of geniuses.† â€Å"And you guys were the nightwalkers that Tako Man was talking about,† Nate said to the pilots. â€Å"You guys sank Clay’s boat.† The pilots raised their arms over their heads in a menacing scary-monster pose, then bared their teeth and made some fake growling noises, then collapsed into what Nate was starting to think of as whale giggles. The whaley boy at the console started clapping and laughing as well. â€Å"Franklin! We’re not done here. Can we get the interface back?† Franklin, obviously the whaley boy who had been working the console, slumped and put his hand back in the socket. â€Å"Sorry,† came a tiny voice from his blowhole. â€Å"Bitch,† came another tiny voice from one of the pilots, followed by whaley snickering. â€Å"Let’s send one more time. I want base to know we’ll be there in the morning,† Nuà ±ez said. â€Å"Morale’s not a problem, then?† asked Nate, grinning at Nuà ±ez’s loss of temper. â€Å"Oh, they’re like fucking children,† Nuà ±ez said. â€Å"They’re like dolphins: You dump them in the middle of the ocean with a red ball and they’ll just play all day long, stopping only long enough to eat and screw. I’m telling you, it’s like baby-sitting a bunch of horny toddlers.† Franklin squeaked and clicked a response, and this time Tim and Jane joined in the laughter with the whaley boys. â€Å"What? What?† asked Nate. â€Å"I do not just need to get laid!† shouted Nuà ±ez. â€Å"Jane, you got this?† â€Å"Sure,† said the blonde. â€Å"I’m going to quarters.† She left the bridge to the snickering of the whaley boys. Tim looked back at Nate and nodded toward the sonar screen and headset that Nuà ±ez had vacated. â€Å"Want to stand in?† â€Å"I’m a prisoner,† said Nate. â€Å"Yeah, but in a nice way,† said Jane. That was true. Everyone since he’d come on board had been very kind to him, seeing to his every need, even some he didn’t want seen to. He didn’t feel like a prisoner. Nate wasn’t sure that he wasn’t experiencing the Helsinki syndrome, where you sympathized with your captors – or was that the Stockholm syndrome? Yeah, the Helsinki syndrome had something to do with hair loss. It was definitely the Stockholm syndrome. He stepped up to the sonar screen and put on the headset. Immediately he heard the distant song of a humpback. He looked at Tim, who raised his eyebrows as if to say, See. â€Å"So tell me,† Nate said, â€Å"what’s the singing mean?† It was worth a shot. â€Å"We were just going to ask you,† said Jane. â€Å"Swell,† said Nate. Suddenly he didn’t feel so well. After all this, even people who traveled inside whales didn’t know what the song meant? â€Å"Are you all right, Nate?† Jane asked. â€Å"You don’t look so good.† â€Å"I think I have Stockholm syndrome.† â€Å"Don’t be silly,† said Tim. â€Å"You’ve got plenty of hair.† â€Å"You want some Pepto?† asked Jane, the ship’s doctor. Yes, he thought, escape would seem a priority. He was pretty sure that if he didn’t get away, he was going to snap and kill some folks, or at least be incredibly stern with them. Funny, he thought, how your priorities could change with circumstances. You go along for the greater part of your life thinking you want something – to understand the humpback song, for instance. So you pursue that with dogged single-mindedness at the expense of everything else in your life, only to be distracted into thinking maybe you want something in addition to that – Amy, for instance. And that becomes a diversion up until the time when circumstances make you realize what it is you really want, and that is – strangely enough – to get the fuck out of a whale. Funny, Nate thought. â€Å"Settle down, Kona,† Clair said, dropping her purse by the door, â€Å"I don’t have a spoon.† Clay jumped off Margaret’s lap. He and Kona watched as Clair crossed the room and exchanged hugs with Margaret and Libby, lingering a bit while hugging Libby and winking over her shoulder at Clay. â€Å"So nice to see you guys,† Clair said. â€Å"I’m not going out to get the pizza, mon. No way,† said Kona, still looking a bit terrified. â€Å"What are you guys doing?† Clair asked. And so Margaret took it upon herself to explain what they had discovered over the last few hours, with Kona filling in the pertinent and personal details. Meanwhile, Clay sat down in the kitchen and pondered the facts. Pondering, he felt, was called for. Pondering is a little like considering and a little like thinking, but looser. To ponder, one must let the facts roll around the rim of the mind’s roulette wheel, coming to settle in whichever slot they feel pulled to. Margaret and Libby were scientists, used to jamming their facts into the appropriate slots as quickly as possible, and Kona†¦ well, a thought rolling around in his mind was rather like a tennis ball in a coffee can – it was just a little too fuzzy to make any impact – and Clair was just catching up. No, the pondering fell to Clay, and he sipped a dark beer from a sweating bottle on a high stool in the kitchen and waited for the roulette ball to fall. Which it did, right about the time that Margaret Painborne was reaching a conclusion to her story. â€Å"This obviously has something to do with defense,† Margaret said. â€Å"No one else would have a reason – hell, they can’t even have a good reason. But I say we write our senators tonight and confront Captain Tarwater in the morning. He’s got to know something about it.† â€Å"And that’s where you’re completely wrong,† Clay said. And they all turned. â€Å"I’ve been pondering this† – here he paused for impact – â€Å"and it occurs to me that two of our friends disappeared right about the time they found out about this stuff. And that everything from the break-in to the sinking of my boat† – and here he paused for a moment of silence – â€Å"has had something to do with someone not wanting us to know this stuff. So I think it would be reckless of us to run around trying to tell everybody what we know before we know what we know is.† â€Å"That can’t be right,† said Libby. † ‘Before we know what we know is’?† quoted Margaret. â€Å"No, that’s not right.† â€Å"Is making perfect sense to me,† said Kona. â€Å"No, Clay,† said Clair, â€Å"I’m fine with you and the girl-on-girl action, and I’m fine with a haole Rasta boy preaching sovereignty, but I’m telling you I won’t stand for that kind of grammatical abuse. I am a schoolteacher, after all.† â€Å"We can’t tell anyone!† Clay screamed. â€Å"Better,† said Clair. â€Å"No need to shout,† Libby said. â€Å"Margaret was just being a radical hippie reactionist feminist lesbian communist cetacean biologist, weren’t you, dear?† Libby Quinn grinned at her partner. â€Å"I’ll have an acronym for that in a second,† mumbled Clair, counting off words on her fingers. â€Å"Jeez, your business card must be the size of a throw rug.† Margaret glared at Libby, then turned to Clay. â€Å"You really think we could be in danger?† â€Å"Seems that way. Look, I know we wouldn’t know this without your help, but I just don’t want anyone hurt. We may already be in trouble.† â€Å"We can keep it quiet if you feel that’s the way to go,† said Libby, making the decision for the pair, â€Å"but I think in the meantime we need to look at a lot more audio files – see how far back this goes. Figure out why sometimes it’s just noise and sometimes it’s a message.† Margaret was furiously braiding and unbraiding her hair and staring blankly into the air in front of her as she thought. â€Å"They must use the whale song as camouflage so enemy submarines don’t detect the communication. We need more data. Recordings from other populations of humpbacks, out of American waters. Just to see how far they’ve gone with this thing.† â€Å"And we need to look at blue-, fin-, and sei-whale calls,† said Libby. â€Å"If they’re using subsonic, then it only makes sense that they’ll imitate the big whales. I’ll call Chris Wolf at Oregon State tomorrow. He monitors the navy’s old sonar matrix that they set up to catch Russian submarines. He’ll have recordings of everything we need.† â€Å"No,† said Clay. â€Å"No one outside this room.† â€Å"Come on, Clay. You’re being paranoid.† â€Å"Say that again, Libby. He monitors whose old sonar matrix? The military still keeps a hand in on that SOSUS array.† â€Å"So you think it is military?† Clay shook his head. â€Å"I don’t know. I’m damned if I can think of a reason the navy would paint ‘Bite me’ on the tail of a whale. I just know that people who find out about this stuff disappear, and someone sent a message saying that Nate was safe after we all thought he was dead.† â€Å"So what are you going to do?† â€Å"Find him,† Clay said. â€Å"Well, that’s going to totally screw up the funeral,† said Clair. PART THREE The Source We are built as gene machines and cultured as meme machines, but we have the power to turn against our creators. We, alone on earth, can rebel against the tyranny of selfish replicators. – RICHARD DAWKINS, The Selfish Gene Ninety-five percent of all the species that have ever existed are now extinct, so don’t look so goddamn smug. – GERARD RYDER How to cite Fluke, or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings Chapter 26, Essay examples

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Italian Renaissance Essays (521 words) - Renaissance,

Italian Renaissance ?How was the Italian Renaissance an age in which life was a work of art The Renaissance was an important time. It was a time when new ideas were formed, worldly places became more important, and great people became known. All of which paved the way to future inventions, philosophies, and life as we know it. During the Renaissance, new possibilities were explored. One of which was a group of people who called themselves Humanists. Humanism was a movement based on the literature and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome. Humanists focused on secular themes, rather than those that were religious. They also believed that individualism, human improvement and that people should develop their talents through many activities. Humanism was influential in that more attention was paid to literature, the arts and education. Because education was becoming more important, more schools were opened. Students were taught all that was taught in classical Greek schools such as Greek, Latin, history and philosophy. The humanists strongly believed that education could help people to improve themselves. Humanism also inspired literature to become more universal. Many authors were discovered. Also, a form of poetry, called a sonnet, was developed. The humanists were very important to the Renaissance, without their teachings much would have been left undiscovered. The city stated of Florence, Rome and Venice were also important parts of the Renaissance. Florence was ruled by a line of successful and wealthy rulers. Florence produced many great things. Great rulers, great architects, great sculptors and great painters. Thus leading the way through art. Rome was the leading renaissance city during the 1500's. Many artists and scholars went to Rome to be taught by master craftsmen. Rome also became a site of great religious increases. Venice was a city of great trading. It linked Asia and Western Europe in trade routes, also drawing traders from the rest of the world. Venice was also known for it's artistic achievements. Florence, Rome and Venice were three of the most influential powers during the Renaissance. The arts were extremely important to the Renaissance, and very influential. Architecture was modeled after classical Greek and Roman stylings. The greatest Italian architect was Filippo Brunelleschi, who was best known for his completion of a cathedral in 1436. Sculpture, as did architecture, reflected ancient Greek and Roman ideas. The best known sculptors were Donatello, Michelangelo and Ghiberti. Donatello was the first sculptor to cast free standing figures. Michelangelo was best known for his free standing figure of David, and Ghiberti for his ten biblical scenes on Florence cathedral's walls. During the Renaissance, painting acquired a more realistic style. Some famous painters of the time are Giotto, Michelangelo, and probably the most famous of all, Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci is best known for his works of The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. During the Renaissance, boundaries were explored, new heights were discovered and a whole new way of life was found. The renaissance truly was an age in which life was a work of art not only because art was so important to that time period, but because everything was original and new. Without the renaissance, and the people who lived during it, such as Da Vinci, modern life may not have been so modern. Bibliography none European History Essays